Why some women often end up in abusive relationships?

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]You may wonder why some women go from one relationship to another and how they can mistake sex for love. The biological design of the women causes her to form attachments and bonds during sexual intercourse. The more oxytocin a woman receives while having sex with a man, the more likely she will connect with him emotionally. This happens even if her intellect is telling her that this is not a good situation. The deeper a women engages in the sexual acts, the less attention she will pay to her masculine energy signals, which may be telling her she is not being respected but used. In this case her emotional reactions are overpowering her rational and logical thinking which is a part of her masculine energy. If such a women is not careful she will mistake casual sex encounters as love.
If a woman is balanced within her masculine energy and is involved with an uncaring man, she will immediately cut off the sexual interaction because her intellect will override the emotional connection. She will rethink the situation and weigh out her options.
Having a balanced masculine energy protests a woman from being emotionally drained or connecting to a fulfilling relationship. Once a women can let go of any painful memories and baggage she has been carrying about all men are the same attitude. She can now learn to love a man again now she is in balance.
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